I am a farm girl at heart – born and raised in rural Missouri during the 50’s and 60’s–nurtured cats, herded dairy cattle and respected the laws of our green earth.

LOVE planting a garden, meandering on country roads, and gazing at sunsets.

Early in my elementary years, I played school endlessly—my students consisted of bears, dolls and my little brother, who being the only vocal one announced one day, “No more school for me!”

Not taken aback by that remark, I became an educator—teacher and librarian—a career lasting 40 years, in six different school settings.

LOVE watching students catch “a hah” concepts, sharing my love of books with all ages, and capturing teachable moments.

Prayed for a husband and God gave me a preacher man—met at a youth camp as counselors, conversed in a canoe, realized God has a sense of humor.

LOVE that he still “gets me” after 35 years–helping me to laugh at myself, moving me out of my comfort zone, and sharing life together in all its shapes and sizes.

Blessed with a beautiful red-headed daughter, whose passion for life can still challenge yet inspire me—now with a family of her own, my favorite son-in-law and two children—a red-headed determined two-year-old daughter and a docile yet demanding 6-month old baby boy.

LOVE being Gramma—hearing playful squeals of delight, reading storybooks, and receiving special smiles and hugs.

As a pastor’s wife, I would not change the abundant blessings God has granted me, the people God has put in my pathway, or the struggles that have re-shaped my heart.

Over the years and through the callings–leading eight church families, moving into a  myriad of parsonages and making each a home throughout Missouri, eventually into the suburbs of Chicago with its hustle of people and bustle of traffic.

LOVE the memories—teaching Sunday school classes, directing VBS, leading women’s small groups, and fellowship times with God’s children of all ages.

Retired and enjoying Southern hospitality in South Carolina after living in Nicaragua—surviving with my husband in a third world country for nearly a year, ministering with Nicaraguans, raising hope in children by sharing food, festive events and faith.

LOVE God’s creation—the ocean’s billowing waves; majestic, snow-capped mountain peaks; wind wafting through pine forests; spring’s colors bursting forth–redbud trees abloom, trumpeting jonquil yellows, and lilacs’ enduring fragrance.

LOVE reading mysteries and inspirational novels, working on crossword puzzles or sudoku, and having meaningful conversations.

CHALLENGES…finding my place in life changes; transitioning between location moves; speaking in front of an audience; remembering it’s not my place to fix people, waiting patiently in traffic, check-out lines and on God to answer prayers; continuing on my faith walk without balking or complaining…

So my journey continues as I seek to find God’s grace each day in ordinary events.