Open Your Greatest Gift!

“May the light that entered the world that night cast its brilliance into the deepest corners of our souls this Christmas, giving us the peace on earth that the angels spoke of so long ago.”  Randy Kilgore

God wrapped up the greatest gift we will ever receive years ago when a baby was born into the world.  God’s greatest sacrifice became our greatest gift – the baby Jesus whom we celebrate this Christmas season.  Within that tiny baby is held LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE for you and me.  In a humble manger, he was laid in swaddling clothes.  How ironic to think his birth held royal standards in the minds of men.  The status did not seem to matter to the lowly shepherds or later the wise men bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  They recognized the baby as a gift of hope…do you?

Regardless of who we are, Jesus still enters into the world where we are — into our fears, our sadness, our struggles, our sickness, our everyday routines, even our pride.  None of our brokenness bothers the Savior.  After all, Jesus came to save the world.  Never mind the fact that he came as a baby into a very messy time in history.

For this is the way, God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perishbut have eternal life.” John 3:16 (NET)

John 3: 16 has touched me anew this season—a verse I usually do not associate with the Christmas story.  Yet, the whole message of God’s gift to our broken world is held in this one verse.  Then and now, our world is messy, and we need a gift of hope.

God loved the world – LOVE did come down from heaven to earth, and there was purpose in this LOVE.  Divine and pure, this LOVE came for everyone then and for you and me today.  It’s not just any love; it is unconditional LOVE that reaches the depths of our hearts if we allow.

God gave His one and only Son – the ultimate sacrifice became the LIGHT of the world to pierce all darkness.  Even today, the LIGHT illuminates the way for you and me.

God promises LIFE for all who believe – not just for our walk here on earth but LIFE in eternity.  But we must believe in the baby and accept Jesus for who He is—fully man and fully God–and the gift of LIFE He brings.

In LOVE, the Father gave the LIGHT of His Son as LIFE for you and me.  What a gift God chose!  Think of the most meaningful, delightful, indescribable gift ever, and you won’t surpass the gift of Jesus.  You must remember, just viewing the gift as a baby in a manger is not enough.  Just getting caught up in the Christmas spirit with all the festivities is not enough.  Just attending a Christmas Eve service or even gift exchanges with family is not enough.

Jesus wants each one of us to come to the manger. He welcomes each one bringing His unconditional LOVE, the LIGHT to pierce the darkness, and the promise of eternal LIFE.  We must open the gift and receive a baby who became a man who died on a cross.  The greatest moment in your life is yet to come by opening the gift anew or maybe for the first time.  Christ is the true gift and provides the LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE we all so desperately need.

There is hope this Christmas!  Go to the manger where LOVE exists!    The baby is waiting to LIGHT your pathway and to give LIFE!  Open your gift and receive your greatest GIFT!  

Merry Christmas!   Just Kathy

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