Truth   —   Fiction

Fact — Falsity

Authenticity   —   Fabrication

Exactness   —   Delusion

Accuracy   —   Lie

More and more, I find myself questioning information I hear– whether it be from my neighbor next door or the local news or a Facebook post.  The lack of dependability just leaves me probing for valid explanations.  My mind then starts reacting with questions that further jumble my brainwaves.  Too often, I feel like I am living in a fantasy as truth slowly disappears from everyday vocabulary. 

Truth is absolute accuracy.  However, it has become elusive amidst all the fake news and media hype.    Non-truths subtly invade our homes, schools, businesses and even our churches, creating chaos.  I often ponder this question:  Why do untruths seem more prevalent and truths more hidden in our world today?   Or has it always been this way?

Looking deep within, I have to admit there are lies I believe about myself.  One day I may believe I can conquer any problem that comes…until I hit a roadblock.  The next day I cower back in fear, never taking a step forward because the risk is too great.  From deep inside, I hear, “What will others think?”  “Why do I need to change what I am doing since it has worked for years?”  “Do I really need to work things out with the difficult person who continually frustrates me?”   Then I go back and rerun the tapes from voices I carry with me from the past.  “What would these voices tell me to do?”  “What would they say about my current situation?” Honestly, at this point, more often than not, I follow the pattern that keeps me sheltered in my self-proclaimed cacoon instead of relying on a higher source to guide me.  Nothing in this process serves me well.  In fact, these limiting beliefs get lodged in my mind and slowly erode any remaining truth.

Unfortunately, we all believe lies, many of which over time become limiting beliefs that paralyze us from moving forward into truth.  These beliefs may come from the words we have heard over and over by others.  “You can’t do anything right.”  Or “You will never amount to anything.”  In addition, we allow outside forces or situations to shape us into various standards for acceptance.  “I have to be perfect so that I will be recognized.” Or “I have to buy into this ‘arrangement’ so I can move up the ladder.”  None of these beliefs represent truth.  The more we internalize these statements, truth becomes distorted and harder to grasp.  Without truth, our lives become defined by confusion. 

Truth is constant certainty.  As scriptures tell us, “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.”  Our awareness of who Jesus is should be enough for us to embrace that His teachings and promises hold truths that are able to permeate the center of our souls.   Sounds simple, but our human nature is prone to allow non-truths to invade our lives.  Over time, our actions betray us, and even familiar scripture becomes diluted.  Through our human eyes, truth becomes blurry and eventually diminishes into falsehoods, leaving us with an out-of-focus vision.  It becomes impossible to see truth even when it is right in front of us.

I have been nearsighted most of my life.  This condition was diagnosed when I was in the 4th grade.  I did not even recognize that I was incorrectly interpreting information off the chalk board.   My first pair of eyeglasses corrected the problem, and I was amazed at how distinct each leaf on a tree appeared as well as the clarity of the numbers written on the board for math assignments.   But I was soon to discover that my first set of glasses was not a cure all.  Over time, my eyesight grew worse and a new lens prescription was necessary.  Throughout my lifetime, there have been many changes in lenses.  The same is spot-on for obtaining truth in our lives. Without continuous guidance from Truth, life’s situations and challenges lead us into distorted, watered-down beliefs.   Our ability to detect truth becomes unclear and remains out of focus without what I call “truth training.”

I am reminded that Jesus trained His disciples, first by calling them out on an ordinary day in which routine life and behavior patterns were already set.  Each one of the men, however, had to make a choice–to follow the Truth, that Jesus was who He said He was.  The disciples acted on the awareness that they perceived at the time.  Then day by day they grew in the truth that they were taught.  Did the disciples do this perfectly?   No, each one had a unique story which sometimes led them into trouble or which sent them into challenging situations that left them questioning their purposes.  I am sure they held limited beliefs and often looked at life through blurry lenses. Yet, Truth remained with the disciples.  Jesus continued to teach and encourage, bringing renewed truth daily into their line of vision.  

So how does truth training work?  Much like it did for the disciples—making a choice to stay the course–following Jesus, the one and only,  seeking a stronger relationship with Him, spending more time learning His promises, and tuning in to His voice of truth every day.

The Apostle Paul left these guiding words of encouragement: “Let your roots grow down into Christ, and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.  Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ.”                                                               Colossians 2:7-8 (NLT)

Make these powerful words personal by repeating the verses with first person pronouns: “Let my roots grow down into Christ, and let my life be built on Him.  Then my faith will grow strong in the truth I was taught, and I will overflow with thankfulness. Don’t let anyone capture me with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ.”

 Jesus is the Truth, and He has straightforward answers for you and me.  However, it is always our choice whether we allow His truths to make a difference in how we think and how we see the world around us.  Do we cling blindly to distorted worldly advice, or do we focus in clearly with updated lenses that allow us to concentrate on truths that can change the way we live?

There was a famous Roman officer who was appointed time with Truth face to face, but he failed to perceive it.  His eyesight was definitely out of focus, but God used Pontius Pilate—the man who was the Roman prefect or governor of Judaea who presided at the trial of Jesus.   Pilate was baffled at why a seemingly innocent man was causing such a turmoil among the religious leaders.    Pilate could find no fault in Jesus.  He eventually demanded an answer to the question, “What is truth?”  The accused stood silently before him, but Pilate chose not to face the truth.  Instead of acknowledging Jesus, he chose to listen to the louder voices in the crowd.  A higher purpose was being accomplished for you and me that day.  The death of one man became the resurrected Truth.

Truth is always with us.  Jesus is Truth!  What higher purpose do you have than to follow the Truth set before you?  The choice is yours. 

Allow Jesus to lead you.  Truth training means opening your heart and mind to His voice that can daily speak truth into your life and provide a new lens of clarity.

Blessings for the journey toward more Truth,

Just Kathy

3 thoughts on “TRUTH TRAINING

  1. Hi Kathy!
    Mom (Rosalie Callahan) shared this with me. Keep up the writing/blogging. Love it!

    Carla Lowther (Callahan)

  2. In my lifetime thus far I have been pretty gullible many times, slow to recognize the truth. Thanks for reminding me that it takes training to learn the truth, and Jesus who said He is the way, the truth, and the life is our master trainer!

  3. Kathy: Good of you to share. Lewis is having some health challenges and I’m having a hard time keeping up with
    everything plus the computer has this new program that is challenging me to no end. Please forgive me if I do not
    respond each time.
    God Bless you and family.

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