A Donkey, A Cross…An Empty Tomb

Holy Week passes on leading to a glorious Easter Day—a reminder of what Jesus did—His sacrifice, His death—and most importantly that He won the battle, defeating death.  Through Christ’s sacrifice, God supplied all that Jesus would need to accomplish the journey to the Resurrection, and He did it by using common, everyday objects.

A donkey brought Jesus into Jerusalem.  The crowds shouted their praise, “Hosanna, Hosanna to the Son of God.”  Their enthusiasm was high because they desired a King to save them from their current political and social predicament.  A promised future King rode in on a donkey that brays annoyingly and is just a scraggly pack animal.  The transportation mode was common, but the status of the man riding the donkey was unique and worth shouting about. Unbelievable…a donkey–one of the lowliest of animals and at times the most stubborn—carrying the Savior of the world.  God’s design set in motion.

A wooden cross Jesus bore to Calvary.  The crowds cried out “Crucify Him…Crucify Jesus.”  Their voices hurled insults, and emotions stretched tight with anger and disappointment.    An innocent future King was sentenced to death on a cross–the cruelest of punishments that caused a slow laborious death for criminals.  Unbelievable…Jesus was innocent, but no one stood up for Him as He was beaten, cursed and nailed to a cross.  God’s purpose prevailed.

A borrowed tomb provided Jesus’ final resting place.  The crowds spread thin…even most of the disciples went into hiding as Jesus’ mother and her friends wept at the foot of the cross.  A dead King was taken from the cross, prepared for burial in a tomb provided by Joseph of Arimathea, a secret disciple of Jesus.  Jesus did not even have a gravesite to call His own, yet His body was laid to rest and the stone was rolled in place.  Unbelievable…Jesus was dead.  His final words, “It is finished.”  God’s plan accomplished.

The King, the hope of the world, dead and gone.   Yet on the third day, the stone was rolled away, leaving an empty tomb.  Jesus’s body was nowhere to be found.  Even those who were closest to Jesus did not recognize Him at first.   Unbelievable…Jesus risen from the dead!  Jesus’s mission on earth fulfilled with incredible good news for mankind!  But then again, God used a donkey, a wooden cross and an empty tomb—customary things 2000 years ago.  I would say that heaven rejoiced as God presented the world with redemption for our souls where Jesus can be the King of Kings because He lives and will reign forever.  God’s message triumphed.

May this Easter season be a celebration of living life to the fullest because Jesus rose from the dead.  Rejoice that God often uses the conventional in order to accomplish His purposes.  Rejoice that God uses ordinary people like me and you as we surrender and allow Him to be victorious in our lives.  Yes, Easter is a time to celebrate all that God has done – even the insignificant, familiar, and everyday objects that God uses to produce incredible outcomes.   An empty tomb became the proof that God has the final say.  Jesus is alive!

Have a blessed Easter…just Kathy





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  1. I love your examining of the simplicity of God’s plan for us! Thanks for your words that allowed me to look at Easter in a different way.

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