Author of My Faith

I accepted GRACE during the first year of my college education;  I had met GRACE off and on before that time, but my heart was not ready to receive that transformation. Being a people pleaser, I feared what other people would say or think.  There seemed to be a mystery surrounding GRACE, and I wanted more explanation and clarity.  Growing up in the Show-Me State of Missouri, I needed to see the end result…truthfully, even today, I am waiting for that end result as it appears in the final chapter of my life but I have learned to trust in the eternity that will be mine.

After much deliberating and pondering, I accepted GRACE all alone in my dorm room in the winter of 1970, and Jesus became the author of my faith. He continues to write my story today, but I find with each new year that clicks by, my perception of GRACE deepens.  Neither God nor Jesus have changed, but what I once thought about GRACE being a One and Only event (and it is monumental and transformational) has developed into the need for having a touch of GRACE each day in my life.  By that, I mean I desire to experience GRACE from God anew in His blessings He so freely gives to His children each and every day.  However, in the comfort of my routine, in the busyness of my schedule, in the trials that challenge my faith, and even in my relationships, I can become complacent and blinded to the basic need I have–the receiving of God’s GRACE that fills my soul and gives me the strength to keep stretching and growing, allowing God to continue writing my story.  He is never done refining me in fire like precious gold or silver–my purpose can become clouded with doubts and confusion, but His right hand wants to continually guide me forward, away from what was into what can be.

Even today for me, there is mystery surrounding GRACE.  God’s GRACE truly covered me at my salvation, but I live in a broken world that causes my view of GRACE to become distorted over time.  There are moments when GRACE is not at all what I hoped it would be, but these beliefs I share here are ones that help me seek GRACE and the awareness that I need a refreshing of GRACE each day.  First, I can so easily allow my concept of God to become small…it happens so subtly as I fail to spend quality time with the One who wants the best for me — the One who does not intrude as I make choices that block his efforts to share His goodness.  At other times, I yearn for a big splash of GRACE to catch me off guard and bless me as God has blessed someone else with a miracle, financial blessing, or physical healing.  I desire a story that will inspire someone else and puff up my prideful tendencies.

The most important thing that I am learning about GRACE is that it can come in splatters, trickling down upon me as I move away from my pride and distractions, get in touch with the Author of my faith, and share moments of God’s GRACE with others that will strengthen and encourage both of our stories as we journey on.  These splatters of GRACE can make such a difference in my daily routine, and I am beginning to search for those small yet life-changing “splatterings” in ordinary places, in typical things.  My hope is that you begin to look more diligently for the GRACE that can make your story bigger than it is now and more meaningful each and every day.

May a splattering of blessings come your way,

Just Kathy



3 thoughts on “Author of My Faith

  1. Bearing the name of Grace for 66 years has encouraged me to explore the meaning of God’s Grace in life. I am still learning, and I look forward to learning more here as I read your thoughtful posts, my long-time friend. 🙂

    1. Gracie, your name is beautiful, and you wear it well. You are the only Grace I have known, and I treasure your friendship and your words. May God continue to bless your life with His grace.

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