Hi, my name is Kathy, and I invite you to stop in and share life.  My life, as yours may be, is surrounded by a myriad of daily chores that can seem mundane, career or family responsibilities that can cause my schedule to spin out of control, and  the personal expectations I can’t possibly achieve because I am not the perfect woman.  There it is…the reason I need to give myself and others grace.  None of us are perfect, and the high ideals our society tends to push on us hinder more than help.  In the midst of my struggle to live each day in gratitude and with meaning, I find that I need a touch of grace each day–that is the grace that cannot be earned–the grace that God so freely gives as a gift if I am willing to accept it with an open and humble heart.

However, I am learning that there is a mystery to grace.  Sometimes I totally miss it; other times I need to search for it.  Regardless, I believe that grace is available always, but because I fail to ask, I fail to receive it.  It may be splattered into the colors of the day just waiting for me to look up, or it may be hidden as I ignore its signs by the busyness of my actions.  So I am in search of more grace in my life so that I can extend more grace to others.

Join with me as we discover the splattering of grace that can connect and inspire.  There is more than enough grace for all of us.

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